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Explains The Differences Between The Heliocentric And Geocentric Model And Evidences Which Proves Them. TEACHERS: click here for quick copy question ID numbers.

In the geocentric model (the Earth at the center of the universe), which motion would occur?
a) The Sun would revolve around the Earth.
b) The Moon would revolve around the Sun.
c) The Earth would rotate on its axis.
d) The Earth would revolve around the Sun.

Which observation can not be explained by a geocentric model?
a) A freely swinging pendulum appears to change direction.
b) A planet's apparent diameter varie
c) The Sun's path through the sky is an arc.
d) Stars follow circular paths around Polaris.

Which apparent motion can be explained by a geocentric model?
a) the sun's path through the sky
b) motion of a Foucault pendulum
c) curved path of projectiles
d) deflection of the wind

In which type of model are the Sun, other stars, and the Moon in orbit around the Earth?
a) geocentric model
b) concentric model
c) tetrahedral model
d) heliocentric model

Which statement best describes the geocentric model of our solar system?
a) The Earth is located at the center of the model.
b) All planets revolve around the Sun.
c) The Sun is located at the center of the model.
d) All planets except the Earth revolve around the Sun.

Which planetary model allows a scientist to predict the exact positions of the planets in the night sky over many years?
a) The planets' orbits are ellipses in a heliocentric model.
b) The planets' orbits are circles in a heliocentric model.
c) The planets' orbits are ellipses in a geocentric model.
d) The planets' orbits are circles in a geocentric model.

For what reason did the heliocentric model of the universe replace the geocentric model of the universe?
a) The geocentric model no longer predicted the positions of the constellations.
b) The geocentric model did not predict the phases of the Moon.
c) The heliocentric model provided a simpler explanation of the motions of the planets.
d) The heliocentric model proved that the Earth rotates.

Some constellations (star patterns) observed in the summer skies are different from those observed in the winter skies. The best explanation for this observation is that
a) the Earth revolves around the Sun
b) the Earth rotates on its axis
c) constellations are moving away from the Earth
d) constellations revolve around the Earth

Which statement provides the best evidence that Earth revolves around the Sun?
a) The seasons of spring, summer, fall, and winter repeat in a pattern.
b) The stars appear to follow circular paths around the North Star (Polaris).
c) A Foucault pendulum appears to shift its direction of swing in a predictable manner.
d) The Sun follows an apparent daily path, rising in the east and setting in the west.

The Sun's position in space is best described as the approximate center of
a) our solar system
b) the Milky Way galaxy
c) the universe
d) a constellation

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