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Organisms undergo constant chemical changes as they maintain an internal balance known as
a) recombination
b) homeostasis
c) interdependence
d) synthesis

WWhich sentence represents a hypothesis?
a) Is water depth in a lake related to available light in the water?
b) Boil 100 milliliters of water, let it cool, and then add 10 seeds to the water.
c) A lamp, two beakers, and elodea plants are selected for the investigation.
d) Environmental conditions affect germination.

Which system in humans is most directly involved in the transport of oxygen?
a) digestive
b) excretory
c) nervous
d) circulatory

Which statement about the use of independent variables in controlled experiments is correct?
a) The independent variables state the problem being tested.
b) Only one independent variable is used for each experiment.
c) A different independent variable must be used each time an experiment is repeated.
d) The independent variables must involve time.

Diagrams, table, and graphs are used by scientists mainly to
a) organize data
b) test a hypothesis
c) design a research plan for an experiment
d) predict the independent variable

The first life-forms to appear on Earth were most likely
a) complex multicellular organisms
b) simple multicellular organisms
c) simple single-celled organisms
d) complex single-celled organisms

Abiotic factors that could affect the stability of an ecosystem could include
a) blizzards, heat waves, and swarms of grasshoppers
b) species of fish, number of decomposers, and supply of algae
c) droughts, floods, and heat waves
d) hurricanes, packs of wolves, and temperature

In an ecosystem, what happens to the atoms of certain chemical elements such as carbon, oxygen, and nitrogen?
a) They are never found in living systems.
b) They move into and out of living systems.
c) They move out of living systems and never return.
d) They move into living systems and remain there.

Two closely-related species of birds live in the same tree. Species A feeds on ants and termites, while species B feeds on caterpillars. The two species coexist successfully becaus
a) each occupies a different niche
b) birds compete for food
c) they use different methods of reproduction
d) they interbreed

Ecosystems will have a greater chance of maintaining equilibrium over a long period of time if they have
a) a sudden change in climate
b) predators eliminated from the food chains
c) organisms imported by humans from other environments
d) a diversity of organisms

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