Week 5 Question Preview (ID: 53770)

End Of Week Assessment.

Journal writing is a ___________________
a) a. kind of a keeping a diary.
b) b. chance to improve our English writing skill.
c) c. personal reflection on the things that happen to us.
d) d. all of the choices.

It’s better for a newspaper article to contain _________________
a) a. verified facts.
b) b. a picture or more
c) c. more than one paragraph.
d) d. none of the choices.

The elements of ______________________ are : headline , byline , placeline , lead , body with quotation.
a) a. a letter
b) b. a journal entry
c) c. a newspaper article
d) d. an essay

When writing a journal entry , one needs to _____________________
a) a. wonder and predict.
b) b. write a story for people
c) c. distort facts.
d) d. use fake numbers.

Which is a reporting verb?
a) a. tell
b) b. go
c) c. will
d) d. be

Which of these is usually required with reported Yes-No questions?
a) a. if
b) b. do
c) c. why
d) d. not

I told him _________________ do it.
a) a. to not
b) b. to don’t
c) c. don’t
d) d. not to

Rami asked me where I worked. His original words were :
a) a. “Do you work here?”
b) b. “Where do I work?”
c) c. “Where do you work?
d) d. “Where did you work?”

“Open the window.” He asked me ___________________ the window.
a) a. open
b) b. to open
c) c. opened
d) d. not to open

“He will come tomorrow.” She told me that he ____________________ the following day.
a) a. is coming
b) b. will come
c) c. would come
d) d. has come

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