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What is a thesis statement?
a) A sentence that should make your reader want to read more.
b) A sentence that provides a reason for your opinion.
c) A sentence that reveals your opinion to your reader.

What should be included in a GOOD thesis statement?
a) include reasons
b) start with a transition phrase
c) use words like, I'm going to tell you about...

What should a thesis statement NOT include?
a) a transition phrase
b) capitalization and punctuation
c) the word because

Which thesis is correct?
a) In my opinion, chocolate milk should be banned in all elementary schools.
b) In my opinion, chocolate milk should be banned because it is too high in sugar.
c) I believe that chocolate milk should not be allowed in schools.

Which thesis is NOT correct?
a) In my opinion, end of year testing is detrimental to student growth.
b) End of year testing should be replaced in all school districts across the nation.
c) In my opinion, end of year testing is unnecessary and should be removed from all schools.

What's wrong with this thesis? In my opinion, students should not be fined for tardies because school starts too early.
a) missing transition phrase
b) it includes a reason
c) it doesn't include an opinion

Which thesis is correct?
a) Do you think that zoos should be closed for the benefit of the animals?
b) In my opinion, I think all zoos should be closed.
c) In my opinion, it would be beneficial for animals if all zoos were shut down.

What's wrong with this thesis? 5th graders should not be allowed to have cell phones.
a) It includes a reason.
b) No transition phrase.
c) It uses words like, I believe.

Where is a thesis found in an intro?
a) The last sentence in the paragraph.
b) The first sentence in the paragraph.
c) The longest sentence in the paragraph.

Why should you never include reasons in your thesis?
a) It isn't formal enough for an essay.
b) Reasons aren't interesting.
c) There are already 3 reason sentences before a thesis.

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