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Who was Elie Wiesel’s cabbala teacher?
a) his father
b) his rabbi
c) Moshe the Beadle
d) Meir Katz

Which of the following did Hitler NOT do when he became chancellor in 1933?
a) Forcibly suppressed all political opposition
b) Suspended the constitution
c) Formed concentration camps for the organized murder of Jews, Gypsies and political opponents
d) Brought the Communists to power

When Madame Schachter’s hallucinations come true, this is an example of ___.
a) allegory
b) foreshadowing
c) personification
d) metaphor

Which of the following is NOT one of the four counts on which the defendants of the Nuremburg Trials were indicted?
a) crimes against peace
b) membership in Nazi party
c) crimes against humanity
d) war crimes

Who was the Kapo who had “bouts of madness” and beat the workers?
a) Argo
b) Dr. Mengele
c) Yechiel
d) Idek

What is a form of communicating through books, leaflets, movies, radio, and posters that is aimed at influencing the attitude of a community toward some cause or position?
a) propaganda
b) telemarketing
c) advertizing
d) rallying

What does Elie’s father give him as his inheritance?
a) a coat
b) a gold watch
c) a knife and spoon
d) shoes

Who was Hitler’s right hand man?
a) Hans Frank
b) Hermann Goering
c) Franz von Papen
d) Julius Streicher

____ was the first camp to which Elie and his family were taken.
a) Birkenau
b) Gleiwitz
c) Buchenwald
d) Auschwitz

A ____ is an innocent person, group, or race who is blamed for the general problems of society and punished harshly for them.
a) rebel
b) scapegoat
c) freedom fighter
d) bourgeoisie

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