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How many plays and sonnets did William Shakespeare write?
a) 12 plays and 78 sonnets
b) 37 plays and 154 sonnets
c) 45 plays and 52 sonnets
d) 21 plays and 115 sonnets

William Shakespeare's wife was:
a) Anne Hathaway
b) Demi Moore
c) Elizabeth Bennett
d) Miriam Shakespeare

How do we know when William Shakespeare was born and died?
a) Newspaper announcements
b) Digital recordings
c) Baptism and burial records (done within 3 days)
d) Who's William Shakespeare?

William Shakespeare made which theater a historical landmark?
a) Carmike Theatre
b) Warren Theatre
c) The Colosseum
d) Globe Theatre

What is a sonnet?
a) A "little song" (musical poem)
b) A short story
c) A greeting card
d) An excerpt from a novel

What is a bard?
a) fisherman
b) storyteller
c) waiter
d) farm hand

William Shakespeare, his wife, and his children went to London together for his work.
a) Completely True
b) Completely False
c) They all moved back and forth together
d) William and Anne were actually divorced

Shakespeare's plays are categorized in what 3 genres?
a) Romance, Horror, Drama
b) Comedy, Tragedy, History
c) Comedy, Romance, Drama
d) Tragedy, Romance, Action

William and Anne had:
a) 1 child: Susanna
b) 2 children: Hamnet and Judith
c) 3 children: Susanna and the twins, Hamnet and Judith
d) 4 children: Susanna, Hamnet, Judith, and Percy

William and Anne were how old when they were married?
a) William was 26, Anne was 18
b) William and Anne were both 22
c) William was 21, Anne was 25
d) William was 18, Anne was 26

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