HMH Ed Unit 1 Engineering And Technology Review Question Preview (ID: 53706)

This Is A Review Of Unit 1 For The Unit Test.

Jim’s friend suggests he use a piece of two-dollar plastic as part of a roof design for the bird feeder. This material would last longer because it would not rot. Which requirements would this suggestion fall under?
a) protect the seeds and cost less
b) make room for more seeds and birds
c) make more room for birds and cost less
d) protect the birds from predators and heat

Paul designed a stand for a fish tank in the classroom. His prototype may need improvements. Which action will NOT help Paul improve his design?
a) share prototypes with classmates
b) ask classmates for ideas on prototype
c) paint the prototype to make it look more colorful

Deena compares four different printers for her computer. She wants it to print in color and print more than six pages per minute. She wants to spend less than $0.13 per copy. Her research is shown in the table. Which printer should she choose?
a) A: color; $0.12 cost per print; 8 copies per minute
b) B: color; $0.10 cost per print; 5 copies per minute
c) C: black and white; $0.08 cost per print; 9 copies per minute
d) D: color; $0.13 cost per print; 12 copies per minute

Paul and Kat work together to test different kinds of popcorn salt to see which one people like the most. Which step should they take to make sure their tests are fair?
a) Have one person try each batch.
b) Cook each test batch in a different microwave.
c) Put the same amount of salt on each test batch.
d) Use different kinds of popcorn for each test batch.

Joel designed a tool for picking up metal screws that fall while he works on his car. The tool picks up the screws but drops them before Joel can pull them out. Which design change should he try next?
a) Use a different type of screw on his car.
b) Make the handle longer.
c) Attach a strong magnet to the end of the tool.
d) Make the tool heavier.

Larry is putting together a small, wooden flower box. He needs something to hold the wood together. It must cost less than $10 and should not rust. Which option is best for him to use?
a) Iron Nail - Cost: $4 a box...Description: iron metal that rusts
b) Deck Screw - Cost: $5 a box...Description: does not rust and fastens wood together tightly
c) Wooden Dowel - Cost: $6 a box...Description: wooden and does not rust
d) Iron Spike - Cost: $30 a box...Description: very large and rusts

Farmers want to improve their farms with better technology. Which methods will NOT help them meet this need?
a) Use GPS for field mapping. Invest in modern milking machines. Use computers to control farm equipment.
b) Rent old tractors to plow fields. Invest in modern milking machines. Use computers to control farm equipment.
c) Use computers to control farm equipment. Hire more workers to harvest the crops. Invest in modern milking machines.
d) Hire more workers to harvest the crops. Rent old tractors to plow fields. Invest in modern milking machines.

Le designed a new kind of skateboard that anyone can use. He tested the skateboard with three different weights, 65, 80, and 105 pounds. With 105 pounds on it, the center sagged to the ground. What should Le’s next two steps be?
a) test again AND build the board with stronger material
b) sell his new skateboard design AND test again
c) test it with smaller friends AND sell his new skateboard design
d) add bigger wheels AND test it with smaller friends

Jill and Jack are making a weathervane that tells the direction of wind. They tested 3 prototype designs in the same place. They recorded their data every hour for 4 hours. They compared their data to the news. Which ? were they trying to answer?
a) Which prototype is the easiest to use in the wind?
b) Which prototype gives the most accurate direction?
c) Which prototype moves the fastest in one direction?
d) Which prototype is more resistant to extreme weather?

Students are finding the combination locks in school hard to use. The students are trying to find a solution that does not cost too much and that they can do right away. Which solution should they choose?
a) Buy bigger and better locks online.
b) Give students a list of other locks to buy.
c) Have students practice using the locks in class.
d) Find old locks from other schools that are easier to use.

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