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The ________ bow matches the dress perfectly.
a) hat
b) hat's
c) hats
d) hats'

What _________ are you going to by?
a) item
b) item's
c) items
d) items'

I think I'll get two ________ and a dress.
a) hat
b) hat's
c) hats'
d) hats

The _______ total cost is $43.36.
a) items
b) items'
c) itemes
d) item

The cat bit the _______ tail.
a) mouse
b) mice
c) mouse's
d) mouses

The lights in the ________ bathroom are on.
a) boy
b) boys
c) boy's
d) bo'ys

_____________ car is blue.
a) Mr. Smith's
b) Mr. Smiths
c) Mrs. Smith
d) Mr. Smiths'

The _________ toys are in the yard.
a) children
b) child
c) childrens
d) children's

The ________ uniforms are dirty and torn.
a) soldier
b) soldiers
c) soldiers'
d) soldie'rs

The ____________ shoes are packed in their gym bags.
a) runner
b) runners
c) runners'
d) runneres

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