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How many Jews were murdered during the Holocaust?
a) 5,000,000
b) 6,000,000
c) 11,000,000
d) 7,000,000

Germany, Italy, Japan and others were considered what form of power?
a) Allies
b) Altered
c) Axis
d) Alienated

America, Britain, France and others were considered what form of power?
a) Allies
b) Altered
c) Axis
d) Alienated

What laws were written to discriminate against the Jews?
a) Musselman
b) Nuremberg War Trials
c) Nuremberg Laws
d) Treaty of Versailles

Where was the first place the Jews were moved?
a) Ghettos
b) Extermination Camps
c) Concentration Camps
d) Projects

What term was used when prisoners were transported frmo one camp to another?
a) Selection
b) Reparations
c) Final Solution
d) Relocation

What race did Hitler believe to be superior?
a) German
b) French
c) Arabic
d) Aryan

What portrayed Jews as evil and ugly?
a) Proposals
b) Propaganda
c) Reparations
d) Relocation

What did Jews have to wear which made them easily recognized?
a) Cross
b) Ank
c) Star of David
d) Swastika

Dr. Mengele was in charge of selection which did what?
a) Sent prisoners to their death.
b) Sent prisoners to another selection.
c) Sent prisoners to another town.
d) Sent prisoners to take a cold shower.

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