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la consejera
a) counselor
b) coach
c) nurse
d) chair

asisto a
a) to help
b) I go to / I attend a ....
c) to get good grades
d) to get bad grades

la escuela secundaria
a) middle and high school
b) elementary school
c) white/ chalk board
d) university

la hora
a) exam
b) time
c) chair
d) white / caulk board

las materias
a) chairs
b) school subjects
c) languages
d) door

las idiomas
a) languages
b) school subjects
c) chairs
d) doors

la escuela primaria
a) middle school / high school
b) university
c) elementary school
d) library

la biblioteca
a) chair
b) classroom
c) door
d) library

sacar buenas notas
a) languages
b) to get good grades
c) to go to or attend a....
d) to take notes

el corro
a) choir
b) band
c) classroom
d) library

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