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You download a file with the unusual file name extension of .wow. When you attempt to open this file, Windows displays an error message. Which of the following determines a document type and the application required to open it?
b) FTP

Your computer crashed, and you lost many personal and work-related files. You just got a new computer, but you are now much more concerned about viruses and other security threats. Which strategy can help protect your computer against virus attacks?
a) Open email attachments only from unknown senders.
b) Update the definitions on your anti-virus application frequently.
c) Perform regular backups of your hard drive.
d) Disable your Web browser's automatic security settings so you can manually control the content you download.

What must an email message include in order for you to send it?
a) At least one character in the Body field
b) At least one address in the To field
c) At least one character in the Subject field
d) At least one character in the From field

Samson tries to view the videos on his computer using his Windows Media Player, but they will not play. The video files are in RealMedia format. What should Samson do in order to view these videos?
a) Contact his company's Technical Support department and request an upgrade for his computer.
b) Convert the video files to the WMV format, because RealMedia files will not play in Windows Media Player.
c) Decompress the files before attempting to play them in Windows Media Player, b/c RealMedia files are compressed for uploading
d) Upload the videos to the Web server to view them on the company Website because they will not play from a local computer.

Which of the following could be a disadvantage for you to choose open-source, and thus a compelling enough reason to purchase the licensed software instead of using the open-source solution?
a) Your developers will have ready access to the source code.
b) The open-source solution is in the public domain.
c) The code for the open-source solution can be viewed by a community of open-source developers.
d) Maintenance of an open-source solution relies on developers who volunteer to work on the code.

Employers can monitor their employees' email messages sent to and from the company network because:
a) it prevents employees from using network resources too frequently.
b) this activity minimizes the amount of spam employees receive.
c) regular monitoring reduces the extent of infection by malware.
d) all information carried by the company's communication system is company property.

In a business environment, in which situation would email be more appropriate for communicating than texting?
a) Sending a message to your supervisor for not able to attend social gathering
b) Sending a message to a co-worker about a special delivery at the front desk
c) Sending a contract to your supervisor for her review and advice
d) Sending a message to a friend about meeting at the ballgame later that evening

Why does an IT project manager need to consider a project's Return On Investment (ROI) before starting a new project?
a) Before starting a project, an IT project manager must make sure that sufficient funds exist to complete the project.
b) Before starting a project, an IT project manager will be required to justify the project's benefits relative to its costs.
c) Before starting a project, an IT project manager must convince management that the product will result in a negative ROI.
d) Before starting a project, an IT project manager must convince management that a product will lead to productivity gains.

Much of the data your company sends is proprietary and sensitive in nature, so you determine that encrypting company transmissions is critical. What is the disadvantage of encrypting company transmiss
a) Encrypting transmissions violates your employees' privacy rights.
b) Encrypting transmissions requires you to obtain a license from the copyright owner.
c) Encrypting transmissions slows communication because each data packet must be encrypted and decrypted.
d) Encrypting transmissions encourages hackers and places data at risk for interception by malicious outsiders.

During which project management phase should you troubleshoot problems and take corrective measures to ensure that all objectives are being met?
a) The controlling phase
b) The initiating phase
c) The executing phase
d) The planning phase

Frankie works on the IT team at her company. She is looking for ways to reduce costs, so she suggests that the company uses P2P to facilitate sharing of information. To protect its confidential data while benefiting from P2P, the company should:
a) forbid employees to use their computers in P2P communications.
b) implement technologies that will control access and password-protect files.
c) limit P2P use to sharing only music files.
d) limit P2P use to sharing only with universities and research organizations.

Johann uses instant messaging to communicate with his team members, as well as with close friends. Johann was surprised he started receiving spam during IM sessions. Which statement would explain why Johann could receive spam during an IM session?
a) Instant messaging runs on mobile devices, which are less secure than standard PCs.
b) Instant messaging runs on standard PCs, which are less secure than mobile devices.
c) Instant messaging bypasses anti-virus software and firewalls.
d) Instant messaging bypasses users' presencing settings.

You have been asked to defragment the hard drives of several corporate systems without leaving your desk. All of the systems are running Windows 10. To complete this task, you should:
a) use the ipconfig utility.
b) use Remote Desktop Connection.
c) use the BitTorrent application.
d) use command-line FTP.

As an IT project manager, you are weighing the benefits of installing a new company firewall. Which of the following will convince upper management to approve the project?
a) The new firewall installation will result in a positive Return On Investment (ROI)
b) The new firewall installation will effectively filter spam
c) The new firewall installation will prevent outside users from accessing company servers
d) The new firewall installation will allow employees access to the Internet

Which of the following audio file formats is a free, open-source alternative to the MP3 format?
a) Audio Interchange File Format (AIFF)
b) Ogg Vorbis
c) Waveform (WAV)
d) AU

As an IT project manager, you must be able to determine which projects to preserve and which projects to eliminate in order to:
a) conduct an appropriate needs analysis.
b) determine which project triangle factors will most affect product quality.
c) maintain a positive Return On Investment (ROI).
d) prepare an effective Statement Of Work (SOW).

Your company wants to simplify the customer support process for its distributors by enabling them to obtain company forms and reports online. Your Web team are in charge of implementing this capability. Which Web-based system should you implement?
a) Webinar
b) Intranet
c) Extranet
d) FTP site

You have created a new software application and are ready to distribute it to other users. You have decided to license the software according to the GNU GPL version 3. What does this license allow you to do with your software?
a) You can sell your software, but only if you make the software code available on a public server.
b) You can sell your software, but only through a not-for-profit company.
c) Your software is available for free use by other programmers, but anyone who alters it must pay you a fee and share royalties
d) Your software is avail. for free use and alteration by programmers, who must make modified versions freely available as well.

You should schedule meetings with project stakeholders and management during the executing and controlling phases of a project to:
a) outline the requirements for each project task to ensure the project objectives are met.
b) identify the problems or needs that the project must resolve or address.
c) inform them of progress and to handle issues they raise that may affect project scope.
d) outline project tasks and assign resources to each.

When you sign in to your instant messaging (IM) service, your online status is advertised (or published) to the people on your contacts list. What does this scenario represent?
a) Convergence
b) Presencing
c) Mobile computing
d) Unified communications (UC)

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