Homework 11/10 Question Preview (ID: 53654)

Mod 2 Lessons 1-8.

Angelo has $5.50 for lunch. He buys a cookie for $1.05 and a drink for $1.45. How much money does Angelo have left?
a) $1.25
b) $2.50
c) $3.00
d) $4.00

Mr. Smith has an account balance of -$275.78. He deposits $539.20 into his account. What is Mr. Smith's account balance now?
a) $263.42
b) $345.98
c) $539.78
d) $813.98

What is the distance between -50 and 75 on a number line?
a) -25 spaces
b) 25 spaces
c) -125 spaces
d) 125 spaces

The temperature was 3 degrees on Monday and was 7.5 degrees lower the next day. What was the temperature on Tuesday?
a) 10.5 degrees
b) -10.5 degrees
c) 4.5 degrees
d) -4.5 degrees

Which statement represents a positive rational number
a) loss of 3 pounds
b) deposit of $12.50
c) 22 feet below sea level
d) debt of $12.50

Which is an example of an integer?
a) -2
b) 1.5
c) 3/4
d) -2/9

How would you rewrite -9 -(-4) as an addition problem?
a) -9 + -4
b) -9 + 4
c) 9 + 4
d) 9 + -4

Distance is always
a) negative
b) positive
c) positive and negative
d) neither positive or negative

Additive Inverse
a) whole numbers and their opposites
b) numbers that can be made into a fraction
c) the distance a number is from 0 on a number line
d) a number and its opposite, sum is 0

Joe went scuba diving. He descended down to 5 feet below sea level, stopped, then went down another 20 feet. What is Joe's level?
a) -25 feet
b) -15 feet
c) 15 feet
d) 25 feet

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