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American Revolution.

Who wrote Common Sense
a) Andrew Jackson
b) Thomas Cloud
c) Thomas Henery
d) Thomas Paine

What was the committee of correspondence
a) communicate efficiently with other colonies
b) communicate with people near you
c) communicate with lawyers
d) communicate with pilgrims

Was there a Daughters of Liberty
a) No
b) Yes

What was the sugar act
a) tax on foods
b) tax on sweets
c) tax on things such as molasses
d) tax on drinks

Who created the sons of liberty
a) John Adams
b) Samuel Adams
c) Johnny Adams
d) Prescilla Adams

When was the Treaty of Paris created
a) 1763
b) 1736
c) 1773
d) 1793

What was the name of the clothes etc. that women made during the boycott
a) jellypun
b) rollspun
c) homespun
d) railspun

What caused people to boycott tea
a) Raising taxes
b) raising taxes on tea
c) Stamp Act
d) Raising taxes on food

What was the boston tea party
a) People had a tea party
b) People did not drink it for years
c) People drank all the tea so there would be none left
d) People dressed up and poured tea into the ocean

What was the name of the boy cotters
a) Sons of liberty
b) Sons of justice
c) Sons of glory
d) Sons of patriotism

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