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Writing Children's Books.

Discussing one of these topics in writing children's books may NOT help to develop their coping skills. Which is it?
a) Family styles
b) New experiences
c) Fears
d) Anthropomorphic characters

Which of these is NOT an example of how children benefit from early exposure to books?
a) speech development
b) word development
c) focusing on pictures - optical development
d) they learn to rhyme

As children get older, books should progress in . . .
a) subject, sentence structure and vocabulary
b) number of characters, number of pages, and people reading
c) parts of speech, complex resolutions, and different dialects
d) vocal variances, creativity, and illustrations

What is alliteration?
a) Making characters from things that are not alive
b) Several words in succession beginning with the same sound.
c) Referring to another written piece of work.
d) Coping skills

The three R's included in a children's writing include:
a) rhyme, rigor and repetition
b) rarity, rawness, and revitalizing
c) rhythm, rhythm, and repetition
d) rhyme, rhythm, repetition

All of these facets are concepts to consider when writing for young children EXCEPT:
a) vocabulary
b) how to thicken the plot
c) content
d) writing for the modern world

Each of these is an aspect a writer can use to develop their character EXCEPT:
a) dialect
b) physical attributes
c) the spelling of their name
d) a friend or actions the character takes

Be sure to describe your main character's physical appearance. This has a great effect on how they will behave in the story.
a) True
b) False
c) Not sure.
d) No response.

Each of these is a way to develop your character EXCEPT:
a) giving them a secret
b) forgetting to name them, and simply using him or her instead
c) explaining the conflict within
d) telling about a friend they have

Details one may give about their character could include personal details. These might include:
a) social class, level of education, their job, and how much they earn
b) family background, jobs or careers of their parents, how much they earn and their birth order
c) gender, age, ethnicity, sexual orientation, marital status, and height
d) the town they live in, what year it is, the terrain of the community, and the climate

An example of allusion is . . .
a) A story that has illustrations
b) A story that refers to the Bible or Greek mythology
c) A story that needs a better ending
d) A story that is missing one of the plot line contents

An example of onomatopoeia is . . .
a) Run
b) Hello!
c) Soup
d) Ding!

One should remember this when writing for children:
a) Children want to read about children
b) Only parents read the material
c) Children are not as smart as you think
d) Children might be terrified of an animal

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