Elements Of Art Pre-Assessment Question Preview (ID: 53615)

This Pre-Assessment Will Show How Much You ALREADY KNOW About The 7 Elements Of Art.

Which is an example of the form Element of Art?
a) Cube
b) Square
c) Pentagon
d) Circle

Which Element of Art describes the way something feels?
a) Form
b) Color
c) Texture
d) Line

Which Element of Art describes how light or dark a color is?
a) Color
b) Value
c) Texture
d) Form

The secondary colors are...
a) Green, Purple, Blue
b) Red, Orange, Yellow
c) Green, Purple, Orange
d) Blue, Yellow, Green

The primary colors are...
a) Red, Blue, Yellow
b) Blue, Yellow, Green
c) Green, Purple, Orange
d) Red, Orange, Yellow

Which is an example of the shape Element of Art?
a) Cube
b) Ball
c) Cone
d) Square

Wavy, Straight or Horizontal are words to describe which Element of Art?
a) Texture
b) Line
c) Movement
d) Direction

The 7 Elements of Art are...
a) Paint, Crayon, Pencil, Marker, Paper, Clay and Chalk
b) Sculptures, Paintings, Drawings, Ceramics, Digital Art, Sketching and Design
c) Line, Shape, Form, Color, Value, Texture and Space
d) Emphasis, Balance, Contrast, Repetition, Proportion, Movement and Space

Which of the following is an example of the space Element of Art?
a) Background
b) The Sky
c) Stars
d) Movement

The Elements of Art are like the...
a) materials of art.
b) ingredients of art.
c) best part of art.
d) types of art.

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