The Geography Of The Middle East Review Question Preview (ID: 53567)


What is the religion of most of the Arabs in Southwest Asia?
a) Judaism
b) Christianity
c) Sunni Islam
d) Shia Islam

What is the religion of most of the Kurds?
a) Sunni Islam
b) Shia Islam
c) Judaism
d) Chrisitanity

Which ethnic group is most numerous in Southwest Asia?
a) Jews
b) Persians
c) Kurds
d) Arabs

Which does Turkey, Syria, Iraq, and Kuwait share?
a) Jordan River
b) Afghanistan River
c) Euphrates River
d) Hootch River

The major rivers in Southwest Asia have become political issues because
a) there is only a limited amount of it
b) deserts prevent the rivers from being large enough
c) farmers use all of the water for themselves
d) the government does not allow people to use it to drink

People living along the rivers of Southwest Asia have built canals and water wheels to use the water for
a) flood control.
b) shipping.
c) irrigation
d) swimming.

Which bodies of water are connected by the Suez Canal?
a) the Mediterranean Sea and the Persian Gulf
b) the Persian Gulf and the Arabian Sea
c) the Mediterranean Sea and the Red Sea
d) The Red Sea and the Arabian Sea

What is most important to the economies of SW Asian countries?
a) desalination methods
b) human capital
c) agricultural technology
d) oil

What connects the Persian Gulf to the Arabian Sea?
a) Strait of Hormuz
b) Red Sea
c) Suez Canal
d) Tigris River

Which religious group has more followers in SW Asia
a) Christianity
b) Shia Muslims
c) Sunni Muslims
d) Jews

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