Romeo And Juliet Question Preview (ID: 53562)

A Review Of The Romeo And Juliet Plot.

Why does Friar Lawrence agree to marry the two?
a) He thinks it will bring the families together
b) He wants the tip money
c) He is afraid of Romeo
d) He is bored

Where do Romeo and Juliet speak for the first time?
a) Juliet's balcony
b) Montague's garden
c) Church
d) The town square

Who to the Montague guys believe Romeo is with when they leave the party?
a) Rosaline
b) Paris
c) Juliet
d) Lady Capulet

Who is Romeo referring to when he says ... Did my heart love till now? Forswear it, sight/ For neer say true beauty till this night.
a) Juliet
b) Paris
c) Lady Capulet
d) Rosaline

What is Romeo afraid of before he enters the Capulet party?
a) He had a bad dream and is afraid it will come true
b) He doesn't feel well
c) He isn't afraid
d) He is afraid he will run into Lord Paris

Who is Queen Mab?
a) A fictional fairy that influences the dreams of dreamers
b) A party pooper
c) Someone Romeo is in love with before Juliet
d) The name of the town trouble maker

What is the relationship like between Juliet and her mother
a) They are not close at all
b) They are very close
c) They are more like business associates
d) They are more like sisters

What does Lord Paris want from Capulet?
a) His daughter's hand in marriage
b) A job
c) Money
d) A new car

How does the fight start?
a) Someone bites their thumb at the other group
b) Someone tells a yo mamma joke
c) Someone trips another person
d) There is a shooting

What are the names of the two groups fighting?
a) Capulets and Montagues
b) Capulets and Yellow Stripes
c) Veronas and Montagues
d) Romeos and Juliets

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