Cells Of The Skin And Disorders Question Preview (ID: 53555)

Cells Of The Skin And Disorders.

This is a disorder of the skin caused by a fungus found on feet.
a) exzema
b) urticaria
c) impetigo
d) athletes foot

This is disorder of the skin that causes inflammation due to chemicals like soaps and detergents
a) impetigo
b) exzema
c) urticaria
d) athletes foot

This is a highly contagious disease that is caused by a bacterial infection that causes postules that crust over.
a) athletes foot
b) hives
c) impetigo
d) exzema

What system is Merkel cells associated with?
a) immune system
b) endocrine system
c) nervous system
d) muscular system

This is a cell of the immune system found in the epidermis that determine how to respond to foreign substances
a) Langerhans cells
b) Merkel cells
c) Melanocytes
d) phagocytes

This is a cell that secretes melanin to protect our skin from UV damage.
a) phagocytes
b) Merkel cells
c) Langerhans cells
d) melanocytes

This is the protein that gives the cells in our skin, hair and nails strength
a) melanin
b) sebum
c) keratin
d) lipids

Which type of tissue is found on the soles of the feet and palms of the hand?
a) stratum lucidum
b) stratum corneum
c) cutaneous
d) apocrine

What type of epithelial tissue is made of several layers of flat cells?
a) simple squamous
b) stratified squamous
c) simple cuboidal
d) pseudostratified

What type of cells promote cell growth in wound healing?
a) melanocytes
b) fibroblasts
c) langerhans
d) promotor cells

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