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Which of the following would NOT lead to an increase in competition among animals?
a) a virus destroys a large amount of vegetation in a field
b) a good rainy season leads to a larger than usual number of plants and trees in a field
c) a town starts to expand its borders into the woods by cutting down trees
d) a drought leads to a watering hole drying up

Which statement is correct?
a) Invasive species always have negative impacts on their new ecosystem
b) Invasive species usually have negative impacts on their new ecosystem
c) Invasive species always have positive impacts on their new ecosystem
d) Invasive species don't really impact their new ecosystem

Which of the following is NOT a common way for invasive species to arrive in a new place?
a) People bring them as pets
b) They get taken into ships through ballast water
c) They decide to come on their own
d) People bring them as a way to try and combat a pest

Which is an example of an organism depending on another organism?
a) a plant grows in the soil
b) a lion eats a gazelle
c) a mouse hides behind a rock
d) a polar bear stands on ice

An organism's niche is similar to a.....
a) spot in a tree
b) person's job in a neighborhood
c) fight for survival
d) butterfly transferring pollen for a flowering plant

which of the following does NOT describe part of a black bear's niche in a forest ecosystem?
a) it has black fur
b) it eats berries
c) ticks and parasites feed off of if
d) it helps transport seeds by eating fruits

Which of the following is an example of interspecific competition?
a) two squirrels fighting over a space to live
b) two male deer fighting over a female
c) a hawk and an owl fighting over a rabbit
d) two hyenas fighting over access to the same watering spot

what is the difference between interspecific and intraspecific competition?
a) Interspecific competition is within a population and intraspecific is within a communit
b) interspecific competition is within a family unit and intraspecific is not
c) Interspecific competition is within a community and intraspecific is within a population
d) interspecific competition happens with animals and intraspecific happens with plants

what usually happens with niches overlap?
a) nothing happens
b) organisms begin to compete with each other
c) invasive species arrive
d) this is a trick question because niches never overlap

Which the following is a correct statement?
a) Competition occurs naturally within an ecosystem.
b) Competition rarely happens within an ecosystem.
c) Competition within an ecosystem is bad because it can lead to organisms dying
d) When organisms compete, the biggest one always wins

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