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Which of the following is an example of zero net force applied to an object?
a) a skier moving down a mountain with increasing speed
b) a rope pulled equally from opposite ends
c) a ball being hit into the outfield with a bat
d) a car turning left without changing speed

A skater is moving at a constant speed. How can he increase his speed?
a) drag the heel stop to increase friction
b) increase the force with with he pushes his feet against the ground
c) reduce the force with which he pushes his feet against the ground
d) lean to one side, causing the skates to turn

If one force is balanced by another force, the
a) effect is the same as no force at all
b) direction of the first force is balanced by the size of the second force
c) size of the first force is balanced by the direction of the second force
d) effect is a positive net force

Newton\'s first law describes the tendency of objects to resist a change in motion. This resistance is also called
a) inertia
b) gravity
c) friction
d) net force

One way to decrease acceleration is to
a) decrease force and mass equally
b) decrease mass
c) increase mass
d) increase force more than mass

Motion is a change in
a) position over time
b) speed over time
c) velocity over time
d) acceleration over time

Speed in a specific direction is
a) acceleration
b) distance
c) position
d) velocity

Jess drives at a steady velocity. Her acceleration is
a) equal to zero
b) in the same direction as her motion
c) opposite to her motion
d) at a right angle to her motion

A change in position over time is called
a) acceleration
b) motion
c) location
d) distance

Martin walks one mile west. Maya walks one mile east in the same amount of time. They have
a) the same velocity
b) different average speeds
c) different velocities
d) the same motion

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