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Look at all these ________ !
a) clothes
b) cloth's
c) cloths
d) clothes'

My favorite _________ are red and orange.
a) outfits'
b) outfitt's
c) outfits
d) outfit

Those _______ shoes are neat.
a) girls
b) grils
c) girles
d) girls'

I'll put those _______ back on their hangars.
a) sweater
b) sweaters'
c) sweaters
d) sweater's

Both _________ colors are too dull.
a) shirt
b) shirts'
c) shirtes
d) shirts

Look! These ________ are on sale.
a) belt
b) belts'
c) belt's
d) belts

I would love to have two ________ of pants.
a) pair
b) pairs'
c) pairs
d) pair's

All of the ________ legs are too long for me.
a) pant
b) pants'
c) pantes
d) pants

Let's each try on one of those ___________.
a) dress
b) dresse's
c) dresses
d) dress'

Both _________ sizes are too small.
a) shirt
b) shirts'
c) shirt's
d) shirts

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