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Photoshop Part 1.[print questions]

The toolbox can be set to appear in
a) one column only
b) two columns only
c) three columns
d) one column or two columns

To reset the workspace to default, click on the Workspace down arrow in the options bar, and choose
a) Basic
b) Default
c) Custom
d) Automatic

You can see the fly-out menu of a particular tool in the toolbox by
a) double clicking on that tool
b) clicking three times on that tool
c) right clicking that tool
d) holding down the mouse over the tiny triangle in the bottom right corner of the tool

The little crooked arrows at the top right of the foreground/background color picker tool
a) select a foreground color
b) select a background color
c) change the foreground and background colors to default
d) switch the foreground and background colors

The default foreground and background colors are
a) red and white
b) blue and white
c) black and white
d) black and red

In Photoshop, it's important to change settings _________ you use them.
a) after
b) before
c) while
d) never change settings

Naming the document ____________ the same as saving it in Photoshop.
a) IS
c) You don't have to save the document.
d) You don't have to name the document.

If you plan to choose background color from the list, you must choose your color in the toolbox BEFORE opening the new dialog box.
a) True
b) False

What is NOT true about Photoshop?
a) Corrects many flaws in images
b) Designed to work with jpeg images
c) Enhances images using color and special effects
d) used to create graphics

________ is a sophisticated image-editing application you can use to create, edit, and enhance images.
a) Dreamweaver
b) Word
c) Publisher
d) Photoshop

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