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Physiology Of The Urinary System. TEACHERS: click here for quick copy question ID numbers.

Carries urine from the bladder to the outside of the body.
a) Urethra
b) Ureter
c) Renal artery
d) Kidneys

Organs that filter blood to remove wastes
a) Urinary System
b) Ureter
c) Renal Vein
d) Kidney

Made up of organs that rid your body of wastes and control blood volume
a) Renal Artery
b) Kidneys
c) Urinary System
d) Urine

The vessel that takes clean blood out of the kidney and to the heart.
a) Renal Vein
b) Renal Artery
c) Kidneys
d) Ureters

Waste liquid containing water, salts and wastes
a) Bladder
b) Urine
c) Urethra
d) Ureters

Organ that hold urine until it leaves the body
a) Kidneys
b) Renal Vein
c) Urethra
d) Bladder

Tubes that lead from each kidney to the bladder
a) Urethra
b) Urine
c) Ureters
d) Bladder

The vessel that takes dirty blood away from the heart and to the kidney
a) Renal Artery
b) Renal Vein
c) Ureter
d) Urethra

In general, the urinary system benefits the human body the most by-
a) Healing diseases throughout the body
b) Balancing fluid levels in the body
c) Converting oxygen to carbon dioxide
d) transporting nutrients to different parts of the body

If both kidneys fail, what treatment must you undergo?
a) Blood transfusion
b) Dialysis
c) Diversion
d) Appendectomy

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