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Which is an example of zero acceleration?
a) a school bus coming to a stop
b) an airplane speeding up along a runway
c) a person walking on a treadmill at a steady rate
d) an ice hockey player turning around

Adam started riding his bicycle to a friend's house at a velocity of 4m/s west. As he neared the house, his velocity was 6m/s west. Adam's trip showed
a) negative acceleration
b) positive acceleration
c) zero acceleration
d) steady speed

This is the change in position over time.
a) force
b) motion
c) inertia
d) net force

The overall force acting on an object when all forces are combined is called _______.
a) unbalanced force
b) motion
c) net force
d) force

A force that can change the motion of an object is called an ___________.
a) inertia
b) force
c) net force
d) unbalanced force

A _______ is a push or pull.
a) force
b) inertia
c) motion
d) unbalanced force

Objects at rest remain at rest and objects in motion remain in motion unless acted upon by an outside force is
a) momentum
b) force
c) Newton's first law
d) acceleration

The resistance of an object to a change in speed or direction is called
a) motion
b) force
c) inertia
d) acceleration

If you increase the force on a box, it will have
a) greater inertia
b) less inertia
c) greater acceleration
d) less acceleration

You push 2 chairs in a straight line with the same force. One chair is more massive than the other. The more massive chair will have
a) greater acceleration
b) less acceleration
c) greater centripetal force
d) less centripetal force

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