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What are three types of GENE mutations?
a) translocation, deletion, duplication
b) addition, substitution, duplication
c) deletion, insertion, addition
d) deletion, substitution, addition

The original strand of DNA looks like this ACGTCTCGA, the mutated strand looks like this ACGTTTCGA. What type of mutation is this?
a) addition
b) insertion
c) deletion
d) substitution

The type of genetic disorder that causes blood not to clot is
a) Hemophilia
b) Down Syndrome
c) Cystic Fibrosis
d) Color Blindness

Color blindness is due to a mutation on chromosome
a) 7
b) 23
c) 12
d) 11

The genotype ii represents which blood type?
a) A
b) O
c) AB
d) B

Cystic Fibrosis is the result of a
a) deletion
c) addition
d) substition

The oxygen carrying protein in RBC is called
a) DNA
b) sickle
c) hemoglobin
d) melanin

Down syndrome is the result of an extra number chromsome
a) 4
b) 11
c) 23
d) 21

Two sex linked recessive genetic disorders are
a) down syndrome and hemophilia
b) down syndrome and cystic fibrosis
c) color blindness and sickle cell
d) color blindness and hemophillia

If mom is color blind and dad is not, what is the percent chance that they will have a colorblind son?
a) 50
b) 75
c) 25
d) 100

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