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Water Pollution.[print questions]

The introduction of chemical, physical or biological agents into the water is
a) water pollution
b) desalination
c) potable water
d) point-source pollution

What is an example of non-point source pollution
a) runoff from several steel factories
b) unlined landfill
c) leaking tank
d) waste water from mine

Why is polluted ground water difficult to clean?
a) water cycle happens slowly
b) ground water is hard to find
c) ground water is shallow in the ground
d) water cycle stops when water is polluted

Most of the pollution in the ocean comes from
a) waste from land
b) oil spills
c) leaking tankers
d) commerical boats

The 1990 Oil pollution act required this
a) double lined hulls
b) cameras on board
c) two people always at helm
d) the boat must carry booms

The effects of water pollution on an ecosystem
a) can become worse due to biomagnification
b) result mostly from point source locations
c) are always immediate
d) are concentrated in one area

A likely pH of acid rain could be
a) 4.7
b) 5.8
c) 6.9
d) 7.6

Pathogens are
a) disease-causing bacteria or viruses
b) drinkable water
c) chemical pollutants
d) fertilizers

Artifical eutrophication can
a) harm commerical fisherman's income
b) increase fish's reproductive rate
c) increase oxygen in water
d) never be reversed

Fertilizer from farms can cause
a) artifical eutrophication
b) potable water
c) increase oxygen in water
d) desalination

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