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In the water cycle, heat and sunlight increase the rate of ---
a) evaporation
b) respiration
c) condensation
d) precipitation

Which cycle provides oxygen?
a) The carbon cycle
b) The water cycle
c) The nitrogen cycle
d) The sugar cycle

Which of the following organisms helps the environment by recycling nitrogen?
a) Bacteria
b) Carnivores
c) Herbivores
d) Producers

What causes the seasons on Earth?
a) The Earth is tilted on its Axis
b) The moon orbiting the Earth
c) The water cycle
d) The phases of the moon.

What causes low tides and high tides on Earth.
a) Moon's gravity
b) The water cycle
c) decomposers
d) evolution

Which of these is LEAST LIKELY to be caused by the Sun?
a) Earth's plates moving past each other
b) plants making their own food
c) winds forming because Earth's surface is heated unevenly
d) water evaporating from the oceans and then forming clouds

What causes night and day on Earth?
a) Earth's revolving on its axis.
b) Phases of the moon
c) Lunar cycle
d) Earth orbiting the sun

Which is the correct order of the phases of the moon.
a) New moon, 1st quarter, full moon, 3rd quarter
b) Full moon, 1st quarter, new moon, 3rd quarter
c) New moon, 1st quarter, 2nd quarter, full moon
d) Full moon, 1st quarter, 2nd quarter, new moon

What is condensation?
a) water droplets forming in clouds
b) water vapor
c) rain, sleet, or snow
d) decomposers

Which of the following is an inexhaustible resources?
a) the Sun
b) lumber
c) fossil fuels
d) animals

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