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This leader ruled during the peak of the Han Dynasty.
a) Wudi
b) Liu Bang
c) Shi Huangdi
d) Confucius

Who was China's first emperor who is known for uniting China?
a) Shi Haungdi
b) Sima Qian
c) Liu Bang
d) Confucius

Confucius believed all of the following except:
a) People should know their place in the family and in society.
b) People should respect those above and below them.
c) Peace and good behavior would bring prosperity to China.
d) He was the smartest man in China.

Shi Huangdi did all of the following except:
a) Believed in Confucius's teachings
b) Believed in legalism
c) Begin the construction of the Great Wall
d) Ordered all books in China be burnt except for those on farming, medicine and technology.

____________ was considered to be more important than the individual or the nation.
a) The family
b) The state
c) The king
d) The government

All are reasons for the construction of the Great Wall except:
a) To build a place for tourists to visit
b) To protect travelers on the Silk Road
c) To keep nomads out
d) To defend the country

An important Chinese invention was:
a) Paper
b) Linen
c) Papyrus
d) Glass

The geography of China
a) created barriers to the outside world.
b) caused China to be invaded from the west.
c) made it easy for them to trade with others.
d) is not very diverse.

The Mandate of Heaven is
a) a law or order that supported a leader's right to rule.
b) a place
c) a rule about what kinds of food to eat.
d) a rule about how many children you should have.

The merit system allowed
a) all men the chance to serve in the government.
b) men who could read the chance to serve in the government.
c) men and women who could read the chance to serve in the government.
d) the poor to serve in the government.

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