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_________What is the process of establishing orderly uses for resources within the management system
a) bureaucracy
b) department
c) organizing
d) structure

A disadvantage to delegating tasks to others is that:
a) Helping delegatees cope with problems whenever necessary
b) The manager may lose track of the progress of a delegated task
c) Subordinates assist in completing tasks assigned to managers
d) Improved subordinate involvement and interest

-------and ------- describe the general degree to which delegation exists within an organization
a) Assigning job duties; corresponding authority
b) Size; product line
c) Obstacles; centralization
d) Obstacles; centralization

Staff authority consists of the right to
a) Advise or assist those with line authority.
b) All of the choices
c) Give orders within a segment of the organization in which this right is normally nonexistent.
d) Give orders concerning the sales-, production-, or finance-related behavior of subordinates.

Types of authority within an organization are
a) Staff, line, responsible.
b) Accountable, line, staff.
c) Accountable, line, responsible.
d) Staff, line, functional.

The functional similarity method is
a) Four interrelated steps to divide job activities.
b) When more than one individual is responsible for the same activity.
c) A summary of how the responsibilities of various managers relate to one another.
d) One of three main types of authority in an organization.

All the following are steps in the functional similarity method except
a) Examine management system objectives.
b) Design specific jobs by grouping similar activities.
c) Make specific individuals responsible for performing specific jobs.
d) Clarifying job activities of managers.

Managers can be described as _____ if they perform the activities they are obligated to perform
a) Responsible
b) Functionally similar
c) Having functional authority
d) Accountable

------allows its holder to in certain designated ways
a) Accountability
b) Authority
c) Delegation
d) None of the choices

Barnard says authority exacts _____ only when it is accepted
a) Responsibility
b) Functional similarity
c) Obedience
d) Overlapping responsibility

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