Ethics Vocabulary Words Question Preview (ID: 5305)

Match Each Definition To The Word It Describes.[print questions]

Fictional characters a news writer creates by using characteristics of several real people.
a) Composite Characters
b) Fair Comment
c) Ethics
d) Credibility

The ability to inspire belief and trust.
a) Credibility
b) Slander
c) Ethics
d) Objectivity

Statements made on the floor of Congress, in the state legislature, or in a courtroom that, if published, are exempt from libel suits.
a) Privileged Statements
b) Fair Comment
c) in loco parentis
d) Prior Restraint

A libel defense that protects a journalist's expressed opinion of public figures or reviews of books, records, etc.
a) Fair Comment
b) Composite Characters
c) Credibility
d) Prior Restraint

The idea that once a forum is created, the ideas expressed there cannot later by controlled.
a) Forum Theory
b) Prior Restraint
c) Slander
d) Libel

The legal idea that school authorities act in place of parents when children are at school.
a) in loco parentis
b) Forum Theory
c) Prior Restraint
d) Right of Reply

The opportunity for permitting a person criticized in an article to respond to that criticism in the same article.
a) Right of Reply
b) Libel
c) Slander
d) Objectivity

The ability to make fair, neutral observations about people and events.
a) Objectivity
b) Libel
c) Credibility
d) Ethics

The taking and using of the writing of another person as one's own.
a) Plagiarism
b) Ethics
c) Libel
d) Slander

Censorship, or restraint in advance of publication. This is illegal in the U.S., except for national security reasons during war time.
a) Prior Restraint
b) Right of Reply
c) Privileged Statements
d) in loco parentis

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