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Olaudo Equiano's father was a . . .
a) Judge
b) Doctor
c) Missionary
d) Slave Trader

Who was Olaudo with when he was kidnapped?
a) His brother
b) His mother
c) His sister
d) His father

How many times did he see his sister after he became a slave?
a) Never
b) Once
c) Twice
d) Every day

Was he a slave before he was put on the slave ship?
a) No. He became a slave at that moment.
b) Yes. He had been a slave for several months before in Africa.
c) He worked on the ship. He didn't become a slave until later.
d) He was born a slave.

For what purpose was Olaudah purchased for Henry Pascal?
a) He was purchased to be his guide.
b) He was purchased to work in Henry's fields.
c) He was purchased to translate for Henry.
d) He was purchased as a gift.

When he became Henry Pascal's property, his name was changed to . . .
a) Olaudah Equiano
b) Skipper
c) Gustavus Vassa
d) Columbus Vega

What religion did Olaudah Equiano convert to?
a) Islam
b) Christianity
c) Judaism
d) Hinduism

What war did Olaudah Equiano fight in?
a) Seven Years War
b) War of 1812
c) American Revolution
d) French & Indian War

How did he get his freedom?
a) He escaped.
b) Abolitionists purchased him from slavery.
c) He purchased his own freedom.
d) He died a slave.

After he was free he became the first African in what geographic area?
a) The Hawaiian Islands
b) Greenland
c) Australia
d) The Arctic

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