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If Abbie received more money for its goods and services than it paid out, this is an example of which factor that influences international currency exchange<
a) Balance of payments
b) Balance of trade
c) Econmic conditions
d) Political stability

Iran raised the prices of imported oil in order to increase the trade of their nation. This is an example of which international trade barrier?
a) Embargoes
b) Free-trade zones
c) Quota
d) Tariffs

Many countries have obtained the rights to sell music and collectibles of entertainers. This is an example of which global marketplace main entry mode?
a) chain
b) franchising
c) joint venture
d) licensing

An organization provides Thailand funds to rebuild its transportation network. This action is an example of which international trade organization?
a) International monetary fund
b) joint venture
c) World bank
d) world trade organization

What is an example of a franchise business
a) Burger King
b) King\'s Hot Dogs
c) North Point Grill
d) Walmart

Which is not an example of imports
a) silver
b) furniture
c) bananas
d) automobile parts

Which is NOT an example of exports
a) silver
b) tax preparation services
c) tobacco
d) automobile parts

What is included in a country's geography?
a) location
b) cars
c) schools
d) hospitals

What is an example of a joint venture?
a) Krispy Kreme
b) Oli lube and tire service company
c) Pizza Hut
d) Taco Bell

What cultural factor may influence how a business is conducted?
a) language
b) cars
c) obesity
d) employment

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