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Which behavior do ALL consumers share?
a) They eat other organisms.
b) They eat plants.
c) They eat animals.
d) They produce their food from air, water, and sunlight.

Which of the following is an external characteristic of a zebra?
a) Black and white stripes
b) Running fast
c) Eating grass
d) A strong heart

All of the following are external characteristics of a bird EXCEPT---
a) arms
b) feathers
c) beak
d) feet

Which statement about learned behaviors is true?
a) They are not inherited.
b) They are an instinct.
c) They are the same for every organism.
d) They are present from birth.

Which trait is most likely inherited?
a) Having green eyes.
b) Having a wart.
c) Being able to tie a shoe.
d) Having a scar.

Whenever Jack puts on his coat, his dog meets Jack at the door with a leash. The dog's behavior is ---
a) learned
b) instinctive
c) inherited
d) evolution

Which trait in a human is most likely inherited?
a) Having short legs
b) Speaking French
c) Having big muscles
d) Knowing how to drive

Predict which population of organisms would INCREASE in a habitat if all snakes were killed.
a) Mice
b) Bear
c) Deer
d) Eagles

The specific place in an ecosystem where an organism lives is its--
a) habitat
b) resource
c) niche
d) community

A cow is an organism that eats only plants. A cow is therefore a(an)
a) herbivore
b) carnivore
c) omnivore
d) decomposer

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