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Businesses continue to making profits is an example of what phase of the business cycle?
a) depression
b) prosperity
c) recovery
d) recession

Macy\'s may continue with business as usual is what phase of business cycle?
a) prosperity
b) recession
c) depression
d) inflation

Walmart may change all customer service representatives from full-time to part-time employees without benefits is what phase of business cycle?
a) depression
b) inflation
c) prosperity
d) recovery

Businesses strategize to stimulate demand for products is
a) prosperity phase
b) recovery phase
c) depression phase
d) recession phase

US Post Office may expand shipping services by picking up packages from customers\' door steps and make pricing easier for customers to determine is
a) recession phase
b) prosperity phase
c) depression phase
d) recovery phase

Businesses will increase human capital is the
a) recovery phase
b) depression phase
c) prosperity phase
d) recession phase

MicoSoft may travel to several college campuses to recruit new employess is the
a) prosperity phase
b) depression phase
c) recession phase
d) recovery phase

The state department collects monthly reports of total sales from all newspaper companies in NC. This information would be useful for which measurement of economic activities?
a) Borrowing
b) Consumer spending
c) investment activities
d) labor activities

A report about the economy reveals a decreasing unemployment rate, consumer buying of goods and services is increasing significantly. Which phase does this report cover?
a) Recovery
b) Depression
c) Recession
d) Inflation

Which is NOT a type of interest rate?
a) senior citizen
b) prime rate
c) discount rate
d) mortgage rate

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