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Martin Luther's posting of the Ninety-Five Theses is considered by many to be a turning point in history because
a) the right to sell indulgences was strengthened
b) Luther soon became the leader of Germany
c) Church power decreased and royal power grew
d) the Church unified the German states

Which statement concerning the Renaissance in Europe is based on opinion rather than on fact?
a) Literature began to appear in languages other than Latin
b) art of the Northern Renaissance was superior all other
c) Art reflected the ideas of humanism and individualism
d) Art during the Renaissance had religious themes

A major goal of the Counter Reformation was to
a) reinstate the power of the Roman Catholic Church
b) reduce the authority of absolute monarchs
c) encourage new ideas in science and philosophy
d) compromise with European Protestants

During the 1400s, the cities of Venice, Constantinople, and Canton achieved prominence because their
a) pleasant climates led to an increase in population
b) democratic governments attracted trade
c) military power led to industrialization
d) locations were favorable for trade

One way in which the writers of the Renaissance were influenced by the writers of ancient Greece was that the Renaissance writers
a) stressed the power of human reason
b) promoted the religious doctrines of the Church
c) showed little interest in secular affairs
d) produced few new scientific ideas

In western Europe, a long-term effect of the invention of Gutenberg's printing press was that the
a) monarchies were restored to absolute power
b) feudal system declined
c) literacy rate increased
d) development of new ideas was discouraged

In which way were the developments of the Renaissance in Italy similar to the developments of the Tang dynasty in China?
a) The rebirth of art and learning was a central theme
b) Warfare and insurrection led to the devastation
c) Religious reform was a main focus in both regions.
d) The peasant class was responsible for both eras.

Which statement explains why the Renaissance began in Italy?
a) Italy was not influenced by a classical heritage
b) The Italian city-states were wealthy centers of trade
c) Italy was politically unified by a strong central government
d) The Catholic Church did not have any influence in Italy

The Renaissance in western Europe is best described as a period marked by
a) unquestioned reliance on the teachings of Aristotle
b) an advance of Muslim culture
c) Christian unity throughout the region
d) great intellectual and artistic creativity

The revival of Greek and Roman culture, the economic growth of Italian city-states in the 1400s, and the development of humanism were aspects of the
a) Age of Revolutions
b) Protestant Reformation
c) spread of Islam
d) European Renaissance

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