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Which of these effects generally occurs as the result of a warm air mass and a cooler air mass converging at the Earth's atmosphere?
a) The sky becomes clear.
b) Winds die down.
c) Cloud formation decreases.
d) Stormy weather patterns develop.

Why are temperatures generally cooler at high elevations than at low elevations?
a) Air is less dense at higher altitudes.
b) Clouds form at high elevations.
c) Winds are stronger at high elevations.
d) All low elevations experience thermal inversion.

What is one factor that affects the location of deserts and rain forests?
a) time of year
b) today's weather
c) latitude
d) longitude

You notice the winds outside your house are blowing strongly, and it has been really cold this month. This observation relates to
a) climate
b) weather
c) global winds
d) energy from the sun

Scientists have found fossils of tropical plants in Antartica. How could tropical plants have grown in Antartica?
a) At one time. Earth's entire surface was a tropical rain forest.
b) At one time, Antartica was located closer to the equator.
c) The rotation of Earth has increased, causing cooling of the atmosphere.
d) catastrophic volcanic eruptions melted the ice and exposed the soil to sunlight.

Shifts in Earth's continents most likely caused a change in Earth's
a) climatic regions
b) mass
c) orbital velocity
d) atmospheric temperature

Which natural event does NOTcause global cooling or warming?
a) variation in solar change
b) changes in Earth's tilt and orbit
c) volcanic eruptions
d) greenhouse effect

Mongolia has a short, dry summers and long, cold winters, which makes it difficult to to grow crops. This statement describes
a) climate
b) adaptations required to live there
c) weather
d) vegetation

Which factors direclty affect local weather and climate?
a) common plants in the region
b) mountains and prevailing winds
c) wildlife population
d) human population

Your Aunt Velma and Uncle Bert are planning to move from a cold desert. They want to move to an area where the temperatures are slightly warmer in the winter and mild summer. Where should they move?
a) close to leeward side of a mountain range
b) close to windward side of a mountain range
c) close to coastal climate
d) somewhere at high altitude

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