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Which animal could travel up to 10 days without water so they were used for traveling trade routes?
a) horse
b) camel
c) oxen

The two most important trade items were gold and_________ ?
a) salt
b) donkeys
c) timber

Which ruler built a professional army with a riverboat fleet?
a) Ibn Battuta
b) Mansa Munsa
c) Sunni Ali

Who became Mali's first great leader after crushing a cruel, unpopular leader?
a) Sundiata
b) Askia Muhammad
c) Hausa

Moroccan troops defeated which emire that lacked modern weapons?
a) Katsina
b) Yoruba
c) Songhai

__________ trading ships brought pepper, leopard skins, ivory and slaves to Benin's port at Gwatto?
a) Spanish
b) Portuguese
c) American

Which group of people were named after the language they spoke?
a) Hausa
b) Yoruba
c) Ghana

Which leader gave away so much gold the value declined?
a) Ibn Battuta
b) Sundiatta
c) Mansa Musa

THe city states of ________ and Katsina became profitable from supplying the needs of trade caravans?
a) Ghana
b) Yoruba
c) Kano

___________ never recovered after the Muslim Almoravids disrupted the gold-salt trade.
a) Katsina
b) Ghana
c) Mali

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