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After the Ethiopians where cut off from the rest of the world they developed their own form of what ?
a) farming
b) christianity
c) metal working
d) salt and gold trade

What is a mass movment of people?
a) Migration
b) City-state
c) Clan
d) Savanna

What is an area of gently rolling land covered by grass?
a) Ghana
b) Swahili
c) Mali
d) Savanna

What is a goup of families that trace their roots to the same ancestor?
a) Askum
b) City-state
c) Clan
d) Swahili

What is the largest dessert in the world and in Africa?
a) Songhai
b) Sahara
c) Swahili
d) Savanna

What items did they usally trade in West Africa?
a) Water
b) Bronze
c) silk
d) Gold

During A.D 300 what became the major religion religon?
a) Judiasm
b) Swhaili
c) Islam
d) Christianity

Most gold that came to Swhaili was from?
a) Great Zimbabwe
b) Ethiopia
c) Portugal
d) Kenya

African rainforest are located on either side of the what?
a) Desserts
b) Costal plains
c) Equator
d) Sahara

Bantu MIgrations lasted about how long?
a) 2,000 years
b) 5,000 years
c) 100 years
d) 1,000 years

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