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Which geographic factor was most important to the development of the early river valley civilizations?
a) fertile soils
b) high mountains
c) vast deserts
d) smooth coastlines

Why did ancient civilizations develop in valleys of rivers such as the Nile, Indus, Tigris and Euphrates?
a) The river valleys provided fresh water and good farmland.
b) The rivers aided in the exploration of new territories.
c) The rivers provided power for industries.
d) The river valleys provided areas for recreation.

Early peoples who moved frequently as they searched for the food they needed for survival are called
a) village dwellers
b) hunters and gatherers
c) subsistence farmers
d) guild members

One reason early civilizations developed in China, Egypt, and the Tigris-Euphrates Valley in Mesopotamia is because
a) vast mineral deposits existed for manufacturing
b) rivers contributed to nomadic lifestyles
c) climate and geography favored agriculture
d) natural barriers provided protection from invasions

The Neolithic Revolution was characterized by the
a) growth of iron toolmaking technology
b) migration of early peoples to the Americas
c) decline of large empires
d) change from nomadic herding to settled farming

In which region did China's earliest civilizations develop?
a) Yellow River Valley
b) Gobi Desert
c) Himalaya Mountains
d) Tibetan Plateau

In which field of study do people learn about the development of early human beings?
a) economics
b) cartography
c) political science
d) anthropology

When studying ancient civilizations, a geographer would be most interested in looking at
a) climatic influences on food production
b) language as a form of expression
c) family structure
d) standards for leadership

One reason the Euphrates, Indus, Nile, and Tigris valleys became centers of early civilization is that these valleys had
a) borders and elevations that were easy to defend
b) rich deposits of coal and iron ores
c) regions of moderate climate and abundant rainfall
d) the means for irrigation and transportation

What was an important result of the Neolithic Revolution?
a) New sources of energy became more available.
b) People became more nomadic.
c) Food supplies became more reliable.
d) Populations declined.

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