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The life cycle of a flowering plant begins as what?
a) seed
b) flower
c) root
d) stem

The period of time from when a living thing begins life until the living thing dies is called its
a) life cycle
b) life span
c) extinction period
d) survival rate

Damaging which plant structure would prevent the plant from making food from sunlight, water, and carbon dioxide?
a) leaf
b) root
c) stem
d) petal

Which part of the plant brings in water and minerals?
a) roots
b) leaves
c) flower
d) stem

An animal that has flat teeth for grinding would probably eat what type of food.
a) plants
b) rabbits
c) insects
d) fish

Which of the following adaptations would most help an animal that lives in the ocean survive?
a) flipper
b) feathers
c) hands
d) legs

Which of the following traits is inherited from parent to offspring?
a) The long neck of a giraffe that allows it to eat leaves from high in the trees.
b) A racoon visiting the same garbage can all year.
c) A cow avoiding an electric fence.
d) A coyote avoiding a skunk after being sprayed in the past.

In a certain habitat, a coyote's main source of food is the cottontail rabbit. What would happen if the number of coyotes in the habitat were increased?
a) The number of rabbits would decrease.
b) The number of rabbits would increase.
c) The number of rabbits would not change.
d) All the rabbits would move to a new place.

What organism is not a consumer?
a) Rose
b) Rabbit
c) Tiger
d) Mosquito

Which process must a caterpillar undergo before becoming a butterfly?
a) Metamorphosis
b) Characteristic
c) Behavior
d) Photosynthesis

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