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Identifying Components Of A Good Investigation. TEACHERS: click here for quick copy question ID numbers.

How many variables should a scientist change in a good experiment?
a) one
b) two
c) three or more
d) none

What is a controlled experiment?
a) An experiment in which you don't let anyone else help you
b) An experiment in which you create as many variables as possible
c) An experiment in which only one variable is changed
d) An experiment in which you use remote controls

If you're testing how sunlight effects a plant's growth, what should be your variable?
a) water
b) fertilizer
c) temperature
d) sunlight

A good experiment has a _____ sample size.
a) large
b) small

What is a control in a good experiment?
a) What you use to play video games
b) A group that does not receive the variable you are changing
c) A group that is observed more than the others
d) A group that is tested more than the others

How should you record your observations?
a) In a data notebook or table
b) on sticky notes
c) you don't record your observations
d) it doesn't matter how your observations are recorded

In a good experiment you should include _______.
a) multiple experimental groups and multiple controls
b) no experimental groups and no controls
c) multiple experimental groups and one control
d) no experimental groups and multiple controls

Why should you have a large sample size?
a) to help reduce errors
b) because experiments are fun
c) so the sample is big enough to take a picture of
d) to create more errors

What is a variable?
a) a number
b) the number of tests you make
c) the factor or condition that is changed
d) the data you record

Which of these is NOT part of a good experiment?
a) changing one variable
b) using a large sample size
c) performing multiple trials
d) having one experimental group

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