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A student runs 3 miles north and then turns and runs 2 miles east. What is her total distance travelled?
a) 6 miles
b) 5 miles
c) 1 mile
d) 10 miles

When graphing motion, time is placed on the __-axis because it is the ______ variable.
a) x-axis; dependent
b) y-axis; independent
c) y-axis; dependent
d) x-axis; independent

Velocity includes a direction as well as speed which makes it a _____ quantity.
a) scalar
b) displacement
c) vector
d) distance

A bus travels at a speed of 50 km/hr for 1 hour. The distance traveled is_____.
a) 25 km
b) 50 km
c) 51 km
d) 49 km

Students are asked to measure the speed of a toy car as it moves across the floor. What materials will they need to complete this assignment?
a) a meter stick
b) a triple beam balance and a meter stick
c) a meter stick and a stop watch
d) a triple beam balance

The speed you read on a speedometer is ______ because it shows the speed at a given point in time.
a) instantaneous speed
b) velocity
c) average speed
d) constant speed

A merry-go-round horse moves at a constant speed but a changing _____ because it is constantly changing direction.
a) balanced force
b) unbalanced force
c) inertia
d) velocity

If you ride your bike down the road for 5 miles then turn around and ride back, your distance is ____ than your displacement.
a) less than
b) can\'t determine
c) greater than
d) equal to

3 m/s east is an example of a(n):
a) speed
b) acceleration
c) position
d) velocity

Why is velocity a vector quantity and speed a scalar quantity?
a) velocity has magnitude and direction; speed has magnitude only
b) velocity has greater energy; speed has lower energy
c) velocity has momentum; speed has time
d) velocity has magnitude only; speed has magnitude and direction

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