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How many elements are currently known?
a) 50
b) 2
c) 4
d) 118

Which is not part of an atom?
a) Proton
b) Electron
c) Ion
d) Neutron

Which of these elements is abbreviated with a language other than english?
a) Neon
b) Iron
c) Helium
d) Hydrogen

Which is the smallest in both size and mass?
a) Atom
b) Neutron
c) Electron
d) Proton

What name is given to the elements in the center part of the periodic table?
a) Metals
b) Gasses
c) Metalloids
d) Transition Metals

Who began the work on the periodic table?
a) Medeleev
b) Moseley
c) Ancient Greeks
d) Einstein

What needs to be done to make an atom into an anion?
a) Add electrons
b) Take away neutrons
c) Take away electrons
d) Add neutrons

Isotopes are formed when what is changed?
a) Protons
b) Charges
c) Neutrons
d) Electrons

How many electrons does Mg+2 have? (It\'s #12 on the PT)
a) 12
b) 14
c) 2
d) 10

What gets bigger as you move left to right on the periodic table?
a) Atomic number
b) All of the Above
c) Atomic Mass
d) Number of protons

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