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This was the political system which developed during the Middle Ages, under which people had obligations based on their position in society.
a) Feudalism
b) imperialism
c) marxism
d) communism

During this Age, many European countires took over other nations and turned them into colonies.
a) Imperialism
b) feudalism
c) marxism
d) communism

This is what Russian emperors were called, for a time.
a) tsar
b) king
c) prince
d) lord

In this system, everyone is supposed to share the work equally and receive an equal share of the rewards.
a) communism
b) democracy
c) feudalism
d) imperialism

The European Union is an example of this, which is a system in which goods, services, and capital move freely without barriers.
a) single market
b) free trade
c) communism
d) barter

This is a type of government that the citizens run themselves.
a) democracy
b) communism
c) feudalism
d) marxism

This is a period in history in which there was a rebirth of interest in learning and the arts.
a) Renaissance
b) Westernization
c) Feudalism
d) Imperialism

This is an agreement between countries to protect one another.
a) alliance
b) colony
c) communism
d) westernization

This is the term for the process of becoming more like Western Europe.
a) Westernization
b) Imperialism
c) Communism
d) Feudalism

This political theory states that all the people should own the farms and factories.
a) Communism
b) Free Market
c) Single Market
d) Democracy

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