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The result of this war was that France lost all of its land east of the Mississippi River and Canada.
a) The French colonist rebellion.
b) The French Revolution.
c) The French and Indian War.
d) The American Revolution.

How did Barnado de Galvez attack the British fort in Pensacola?
a) Attacked the fort.
b) He never attacked the fort.
c) Planted spies to open front gate at night.
d) He began a siege.

In this document, France ceded Louisiana to Spain.
a) Bill of Rights.
b) Treaty of Fountainbleu.
c) Treaty of Paris of 1783.
d) Treaty of Paris 1873.

The group of people came to Louisiana from the Carnary Islands is called:
a) Cabildos.
b) Islenos.
c) Acadians.
d) Germans.

What destroyed the city of New Orleans in both 1788 and 1794.
a) A Mob
b) A Fire
c) A Flood
d) The Spanish destroyed it.

The governing body of Louisiana while it was a Spanish colony, was called:
a) Cabildo.
b) Supior Council.
c) Town Council.
d) Left the French government in place.

The ability the Spanish gave to the American farmers to store goods in warehouses in New Orleans before loading them onto ships.
a) The Right of Storage.
b) The Right of Produce.
c) The Right of Shippment.
d) The Right of Deposit.

This document ended the war between Spain and Great Britain; Spain was rewarded with much of the territory it wanted, including Florida.
a) Treaty of Fountainbleu
b) Treaty of Paris of 1783
c) Bill of Rights
d) Treaty of Paris of 1873

The group of people who were exiles from British Nova Scotia are called:
a) Islenos.
b) Germans.
c) Acadians.
d) Cabildos.

The first newspaper of Louisiana was called:
a) Le Moniteur de la Louisiane
b) New Orleans Times.
c) The Advocate.
d) New Orleans Picayune.

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