Lesson 6: Can I Take A Picture? (Pureonsol 5th) Question Preview (ID: 52121)

Let's Play!

Can I ______ some juice?
a) can
b) have
c) yes
d) juice

_____ I sit here?
a) Can
b) Take
c) Can't
d) You

Yes, _____ can.
a) me
b) her
c) no
d) you

Can I ________ your pen?
a) see
b) hold
c) borrow
d) take

Can I take a _________?
a) picture
b) juice
c) pen
d) restroom

No, you _______.
a) can't
b) can
c) will
d) may

Can I ___ ___ ___ _________?
a) have some juice
b) take a picture
c) go to the restroom
d) sit here

Can I ______ here?
a) go
b) sit
c) have
d) borrow

Of ________.
a) can
b) no
c) can't
d) course

Can I _______ this?
a) touch
b) sit
c) go
d) pen

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