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The tremendous amount of heat within Earth's powers
a) plate tectonics
b) ocean currents
c) weather patterns
d) all of the above

The energy stored in fossils fuels originally came from
a) gravity
b) Earth's core
c) fusion reaction in the Sun
d) fission reaction in the Sun

What are the main greenhouse gases?
a) water vapor, nitrogen and methane
b) carbon dioxide, oxygen and water vapor
c) carbon dioxide, oxygen and nitrogen
d) carbon dioxide, water and methane

Which gas in the atmosphere has been increasing significantly because of human burning fossil fuels?
a) oxygen
b) nitrogen
c) carbon dioxide
d) methane

Light that reaches the Earth's surface is either
a) absorbed or refracted back to space
b) absorbed or converted into shorter wavelengths.
c) absorbed or reflected back into space
d) reflected and coverted into shorter wavelengths.

Why is Earth's surface warmer at the equator than at the poles?
a) the Sun is closer to the equator than the poles
b) the equator receives more direct sunlight that the poles
c) there is more water vapor at the equator
d) ice at the poles keep the surface colder

In what are ocean currents and air currents the same?
a) cool air sinks, just as coolr or more saline water sinks, and warm air, like water rises.
b) both form currents that flow mostly from cool areas to warm areas
c) cool water evaproates and rises into atmopshere
d) warm air flows more swiftly than cool water, just as warm winds are stronger than cool winds

Which occurs during a temperature inversion?
a) cold air rises and warm air sinks
b) warm air rises and cold air sinks
c) a layer of cooler air lies over a relatively cool layer of air
d) a layer of warmer air lies over a cool layer of air.

What is the driving force for surcace ocean currents?
a) density layering
b) global winds
c) the Coriolis effect
d) salinity

What causes the wind deflection from the north and south poles?
a) rotation of Earth on its axis
b) shape of earth
c) tilt of Earth's axis
d) the difference of total land mass of the north and south hemisphere

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