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A scientist studying climate finds a fossil of a fish in the dessert. What can the scientist learn from the fossil?
a) that the desert has always had a dry climate
b) that there was an error in the scientist's work
c) that there is an underground lake in the desert
d) that the desert probably had a wet climate at one time

What causes precipitation at fronts?
a) rising cold air
b) rising warm air
c) increasing air pressure
d) decreasing air pressure

A severe storm warning means that severe storms
a) might form
b) will form soon
c) have already formed
d) will form during the season

A column of wind lifted up on one end by upward winds and pressed down on the other end by downward winds describes a:
a) tornado
b) blizzard
c) hurricane
d) thunderstorm

Hurricanes get their energy from
a) cool ocean waters
b) warm ocean waters
c) increasing land temperatures
d) decreasing land temperatures

Which weather instrument is used to measure wind speed?
a) radar
b) rain gauge
c) hygrometer
d) anemometer

What does the H on a weather map represent?
a) warm front
b) stationary front
c) area of low pressure
d) area of high pressure

A forecaster determing the climate of an area would find which of the following most helpful?
a) average yearly precipitation
b) today's atmospheric pressure
c) temperature changes in one month
d) the number of fronts in the area last week

How do the Gulf Stream and North Atlantic Drift currents affect weather in Europe
a) They cause temperatures to be warmer than they would be otherwise
b) They cause temperatures to be colder than they would be otherwise
c) they cause average yearly rainfall to be less than it would be otherwise
d) they cause average yearly rainfall to be more than it would be otherwise

What happens as you move from the troposphere upward to the stratosphere?
a) Ozone decreases
b) oxygen increases
c) air pressure increases
d) air pressure decreases

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