Roll Of Thunder Ch 7 Question Preview (ID: 52017)

Review Of Chapter 7.

Who does Stacey loan his new coat to?
a) Cassie
b) Little Man
c) T.J.
d) Uncle Hammer

Who returns before Christmas?
a) Mama
b) Cassie
c) Mr. Logan
d) Mr. Simms

Where was Mr. Morrison's family killed?
a) Shreveport
b) New Orleans
c) Savannah
d) Atlanta

Where do the adults plan to purchase supplies?
a) Little Rock
b) Vicksburg
c) Atlanta
d) Jackson

What do the Logan children receive for Christmas from their parents?
a) Clothes
b) Books
c) Toys
d) Shoes

How do Mr. Logan, Uncle Hammer, and Mr. Morrison get to Vicksburg?
a) They drive
b) They take a train
c) They fly
d) They take a bus

What is Mr. Jamison's job?
a) Teacher
b) Lawyer
c) Doctor
d) Farmer

What do the adults come back from Vicksburg with?
a) A new car
b) A horse
c) Bales and boxes
d) A cow

Who attempts to talk the Logans out of shopping in Vicksburg?
a) Mr. Simms
b) Uncle Hammer
c) Mr. Morrison
d) Harlan Granger

What could the Logan's lose if they shop in Vicksburg?
a) Their land
b) Their car
c) Some of their animals
d) Their money

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