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Divide 45.36 and 3.6
a) 12.6
b) .126
c) 138
d) 1.26

Identify the property shown: 22(18 + 12) = 22•18 + 22 • 12
a) Associative
b) Identity
c) Distributive
d) Commutative

Change 9/15 to a decimal.
a) 1.67
b) .6
c) 135
d) 2.4

Swiss cheese is on sale for $4.59 for 3 pounds. Express this as a unit rate.
a) .65
b) $1.53
c) $13.77
d) $7.59

Multiply: 3.2 and 0.0008
a) 25.6
b) 00256
c) 2.56
d) 0.00256

Covert 28.2% to a decimal
a) .282
b) 2.82
c) 2820.
d) 282.

|-121| =
a) -121
b) 121
c) 1200
d) 12

The answer to a division problem is called the _______________.
a) sum
b) product
c) quotient
d) difference

The sixth grade math department went out for lunch. Their bill came to $75.00. They want to tip the wait staff 20%, so how much money would they need to leave for a tip?
a) $75.20
b) $2.00
c) $15.00
d) .20

Write an equation and solve: Nina has 8 less than twice the number of shoes Lacie has. If Lacie has 22 pairs of shoes, how many pairs of shoes does Nina have?
a) 14
b) 6
c) 36
d) 30

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